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MACARONS… Wait, whatttttt?

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WHATTTT? -read the title again- But but but I thought I was scared of macarons :/ Well, I was, still am actually, but remember my last post? The intro? Yeah, my friend persuaded me to make macarons with her cause apparently she wants to impress her bf [awwww, so sweeetttt]. I was persuaded rather easily I must say, I had moved a month ago and this oven is a new oven, so I kinda wanted to try it out.

Recipe is from here, which is adapted from here.


You’re gonna need:

-115g ground almonds

-230g icing sugar

-15g cocoa powder for chocolate macarons [or 15g freeze-dried raspberries, ground in a spice grinder]

-144g egg whites, separated [roughly 3 medium egg whites]

-72g granulated or caster sugar


This time, I measured it by weight, instead of using the US system of cups. Maybe that’s why it turned out… NOT TELLING YOU, READ TO THE END!

I weighted, sifted, separated, mixed, did my prep work 2 days before and popped them in the fridge.   DSCF2132

I decided I wanted more uniformly shaped macarons so I drew circles on the other side of the baking paper. DSCF2138 DSCF2139

First, I dumped the sugar in. I know you macaron purists are screaming at me right now, but go read this. Trust me. Go.   DSCF2160 

So instructions called for 2 minutes on low, medium and high then add food coloring [if you are using any], and then 1 minute on extremely high. I didn’t add any coloring. The whisking it called for didn’t really give me stiff peaks, so I went 1 extra mins on high and extremely high.

DSCF2164  DSCF2165 DSCF2166 

In my prep work, I had already sifted my almond flour mixture twice, but I sifted it in case. [cuz it had been in the fridge for two days ><]


Using a rubber scraper [what is it’s proper name o.o], I folded the mixture into the egg whites, until it was flowy or lava consistency. I WASHED MY HANDS OKAYY?


Like this ->


I was too lazy to get the piping bag out and wash it so big Ziplock bag it was. [the hole I cut was too small so the bag looks kinda weird]


After piping, you want to lift up the trays, drop them on a hard surface a few times, to allow air bubbles to rise the surface . Leave them for 30 minutes or until they form a skin onto of it [aka doesn’t stick to your finger when you gently touch it]. I know Bravetart’s post says it’s unnecessary, but I still do it because I see the logic in it. When the skin forms, it prevents the shell form rising up too much and thus, it is forced out from under the skin, forming the feet ^^ Preheat the oven while waiting. You want to bake them at a little less than 150 degrees Celcius, 148.9 degress to be exact.


Mine dried roughly about 45 mins, which was pretty good cuz the last time I made these, they took 2 HOURS.


After sticking them in for 8 minutes, rotate the trays, BUT DO NOT LET THEM LEAVE THE OVEN.


YEAH. That’s my friend doing her macarons xD E, if you’re reading this, you will kill me. But I highly doubt it :P


This is after 16 minutes in the fridge and as you will see below, there are cracked shells. I tried lifting one, but the bottom didn’t come off, so I turned down the temperature and left it to bake for longer.


If you noticed, when I first stuck them into the oven, it was 10pm. [look at the picture of my friend then the bottom right corner] I left them at a lower temp [roughly 140] and tried lifting one or two every 5 mins. They FINALLY were done at 1am. Yeah, that’s right. They took 3 HOURS to fully cook. WTF went wrong, I don’t know. I was drop-dead tired. Spent my time watching Shaytard videos while waiting (: Even then, they weren’t perfect.

Cooling on baking sheets for 30 minutes…


Then on racks for 20… then into the fridge overnight. Or for 6 hours.


I was so tired, I just collapsed on my bed. That was 2am.

The next morning [8am], I woke up early cuz me and my dad had to pick my mom and bro from the airport. I had an hour to spare, so I piped my filling [which I will make a separate post on], assembled the macarons, popped them back into the fridge and let them mature. [24 hours after filling is the best time to eat a macaron.]

This is 24 hours after filling.


As you can see, There IS feet, but not like the kind you see in stores. This is thin, delicate and fragile. BUT STILL FEET PRESENT.




I am still scared of macarons. They are unpredictable and so picky and sometimes, you do everything right and still it doesn’t turn out like what you expect.

I feel that this recipe was too sweet. The shells were so overpowering, I couldn’t taste the filling. Ugh. I loved the filling by itself, such a pity. -digs spoon into jar full of leftover filling-

My friend’s batches in Singapore failed, I suspect too much liquid food coloring and humidity. Her shells took FOREVER to form and the ones she just popped in the oven without shells were like cookies, spread out, no glossy surface, no feet.

Oh well, I probably won’t try making any macarons anytime soon since I have 30 in the freezer. They freeze really well, did you know?

There’s a troubleshooting guide here if you need it (;

Cheers/Toddles/See ya/Bye.


P.S: Points to US of A for giving me the most views <3 Love you guys, and all readers of my blog.

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